I'm a die-hard 2K hockey fan and I even say, DON'T BOTHER with this one. 2K7 (not online anymore) or NHL 10 is best.

User Rating: 5 | NHL 2K10 X360
Not since 2K7, has this franchise been good/decent to play.

Although the presentation is top-notch for once, not only in the menus but graphics and game intros (finally can compete with EA's version), the gameplay is very sluggish, glitchy and jerky responsiveness. The smoothness was left outta this one. Trying to turbo or get a player moving
to the puck takes an extra half-second or so, creating that frustration that makes me want to punch a wall...(a la the GameFly commercials).

Scoring for the CPU is as easy as an empty-netter on breakaways or odd-man rushes. Goalies cannot stop a thing. I tried two of the best and both Luongo and Osgood just let em fly by.

The inability to get past the cut-scenes between plays also leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Sadly, there is no option to by-pass this.

Overall, just a bad experience that I stopped playing it an hour after starting. Guess i'm forced to bow down the EA Experience again and play NHL 10 for real hockey game.

Oh when will 2K hockey return?