Great multiplayer game for those who love ice hockey!

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 2K10 WII
Great game. Many game modes and interesting on-line playing.
For on-line playing you just need simple internet connection and its realy easy to log in and play the game.
Very interesting is that you can control the goalkeeper, witch is little bit difficult, but when you get it, its realy fun and interesting.
Its a great opportunity for those who allways wanted to be a ice hockey goalkeepers, they can feel it and play it, I think it is a great game mode!
The multiplayer mode is great, when you can play with your friends. (you only need two game controls)
The game controle is hard to understand in begining but after some games you have playd ore done the the tutorial witch is posible in main menu, everything gets easy.
Great game for people who loves ice hockey ore are big fans of NHL.
I think this game is SUPER!