The controls are cool but the graphics are unbelievably terrible, that ruined the game for me.

User Rating: 6 | NHL 2K10 WII
First off, I know the graphics on the Wii pale in comparison to every other console out there, but I was thoroughly disappointed with the graphics in this game.

I was pretty excited to play this game and jumped right in using Wii motion plus + nunchuk and right off the bat was able to play reasonably well except for using flick-pass. That was tough to get used to and I kept passing backwards which really annoyed the crap out of me.

I found the game play to be really slow and un-exciting, I do like the controls for shooting and hitting, but the passing has terrible, even when I figured out how to get flick-passing to work.

The skills competition games would make great party games and were pretty fun but overall I was pretty disappointed, especially with the graphics.

I scored this game a 6 but I'm a huge hockey fan and this game just wasn't exciting at all for me. I could see the gimmick of the controls wearing off pretty quickly.