Great game dont know why everyone hates it.

User Rating: 8 | NHL 2K10 X360
For me this game has everything. Its fun, realistic, and theres variety. I have nhl 09 and what made me mad is the lack or shot variety. This is a classic ea vs 2k game. The ea game is a pick up and play game while 2k is the more complex game but for some reason hockey fans dont like the 2k game. There are more deke moves in 2k10 like using skates on breakaways. And yes the puck flying at speeds down the ice is annoying but can be overlooked. Also you can adjust the game speed to your liking. And yes the celebrations are dumb but who cares? The core gameplay is great and for me thats all that metters. And the mini rink is awesome so i dont think it needs more modes. I dont get why these sites have gotten away from reviewing gameplay and fun and focused on things that dont really matter like "the feel" of the game. For ex. i watched multiple reviews on ncaa football 10 and not one informed me if the gameplay was fun and realistic. For me il take 2k10 over nhl 09 or 10 any day.