The 2002 version of the NHL franchise. By far the best.

User Rating: 10 | NHL 2002 PC
NHL 2002 for the PC is THE classic NHL game. This is the game when EA Sports pulled a U-Turn and turn the NHL franchise, who was slowing spiralling downhill with the 2000-01 releases, and turned in all around with an exciting, inovating game. NHL 2002 was the only game in the NHL series to have numerous easter-eggs, and with the addition of Player Cards, the Player could have a great advantage in the toughest games, only if they had accumulated enough cards to do them justice. The gameplay is just the exact same as the previous game. It is a very simple key configuration that is easy to use. The graphics were an enormous improvement from NHL 2001. EA Sports decided to add in an extra camera mode that would occur in 1 of 3 circumstances. First, If you have a breakaway, second, if you make a HUGE hit, and third, if your goaltender makes a big save. The sound was a fantastic improvement, you could actually hear the players panting in exaustion when they were too fatigued. This is by far the best game in the NHL series, i would recomend this game over NHL 06 anyday.