Classic hockey game.

User Rating: 8 | NHL 2002 XBOX
This has got to be one of the best hockey games out there, well, at the time the x-box was first released. The season mode is great, you can stack your team a bit too easily though. Playing against the games AI got really easy really fast. I can now score 20 goals per game, and usually end up with a shootout. I really like the checklist of objectives to complete, tournament mode and it's a great game to go multiplayer with. You can also obtain hockey cards of the players to give them a boost during games when the cards are activated. They’re also a lot of special cards you can get, kind of like cheats (bone crushers, and next goal wins). I like the instant replay. Starting the game on Beginner the commentators explain how to play, which can be helpful. If you like Hockey, you can probably get this game for free, it's old and out of date, and it's got Lemieux!