How can you top this?

User Rating: 9.1 | NHL 2002 XBOX
NHL 2002 is still the hockey game i play , i never realy felt like getting the latest versions , becuase i never got sick of NHL2002. the game is just so fun and the presentation is second to none .
The visuals on the xbox are suberb while playing the cut scenes the models look like cratoons , but nothing takes away from the Tv presentation and excellent Fluid animation.

Season mode will get you hooked with plenty of stats , injuries,trades,hot/cold streaks to keep you informed of your team.
but i guess that is the standard for Hockey games in the Ea series since then.
The ability to choose your jersey pre match is a favourite touch of mine , since my teeam is tampa bay its great to get into that alternative jersey.

Its 2006 and i still get pumped up every opening of a home game in the season , the opening Movie is superb with rocking music , disco lights , pumped up crowd and a ready-to-go team.

the gameplay you wont get sick of , it may be a little too easy to score goals compared to Nhl rivals or Nhl 2k3 , but it still makes for a fun game with huge crashes and fast slapshots.

the soujnd is another highpoint with a brilliant job done on the commentary team , i never get sick of those lines. the announce has some wise cracks to , the crowd is pumped , the shots are loud and the slams make you cringe.overall the sound is perfect

The create-a-player feature has come along way since the bald headed clones of the nhl2001's version.
but i still create my players by copying a pro player ( byu typing in there name) so they have a photo to come up with there stats.

Winning the Playoffs was a big Payoff with great presentation to make it worth every minute of the season.

Overall NHL2002's Presentation,gameplay and sound cannot be beat , if you havent got a hockey game yet , dont shy away from picking up this older title in the series .