NHL 2002 may not be the flashiest game around, but it is very fun and will impress many hockey fans.

User Rating: 8.9 | NHL 2002 XBOX
NHL 2001 was a pretty solid game of hockey, it was very fun, had pretty solid graphics, sounded good, and gave people their money's worth. Now NHL 2002 is released and it is a step up in the series.

NHL 2002 is a fantastic game of hockey, it may not be the flashiest NHL game on the market, but it is very fun and will impress most hockey fans. The game has very solid gameplay and the game is very easy to pick up and play. The controls are fairly simple and the game is very entertaining. The game has tons of modes to pick from: an exhibition mode (where you can jump right into the action), a season mode, a playoff mode for fans who want to get right for the chase for the cup, a tournament mode that features countries from all around the world competing for the gold medal, and even a shootout mode for those who want to go 1 on 1 with the goalie. The game isn't perfect though, in the season mode, if a player gets a hot streak, that player scores like every shot, and when a player is on a cold streak, they automatically become horrible (even Mario Lemeuix or Jaromir Jagr)!

Hockey fans will be expecting a good game of hockey out of EA this year and they got a great game of hockey. If you are a fan of the NHL or hockey then there is no reason not to get this game.