I didnt think i would like this game, but when i played it 7 years later, WOW!

User Rating: 8.5 | NHL 2002 XBOX
NHL 2002 is just one of those hockey games. I actually didnt want to review this one or even play it. But when i did, it was actually pretty fun to play. I was so surprised.

I like first of all, the options and profile. You can set the options and settings to whatever u want. And the profile thing is awesome, because just like in Madden 2002, (Check that review by the way.) U can buy NHL cards. U get points for doing tasks in matches. Fun to complete too.

Also i like the music. U cant play your own music, but they do got a couple of good ones on the main menu.

Another thing i like is the action in the matches. Its very entertaining. Like if u score a goal, the announcers cheer and say GOAL!!! and stuff. And u can do 3 different taunts. U can set those in the menu too. And u can get into fights!!! I love that!

One thing i dont like tho is the graphics. They arent as good as a lot of other games ive played on the Xbox. The movements of the characters are really not good polygon shaped. But the faces look very good.

Overall the game is actually fun. I like it. But they coulda got a 9 outta me if they just improved the graphics. I give it a 8.5 out of 10.