It isn’t the NHL but its damn close

User Rating: 9.2 | NHL 2000 PC
The choices are endless

One of the best features of NHL 2000 is the numerous options available for different modes of game play. I don’t have room to go into all of these options here, but will focus on one of the better modes of game play that has been added: the career mode. The career mode allows you to play through ten NHL seasons (short, medium or long seasons are available) and strengthen your team through trades, rookie drafts and free agency, while trying to deal with injuries, illness, retirement and losing your own players to free agency. One of the best parts of the career mode is that after each season the attributes of the various players on your team will either increase or decrease depending on how well they performed over the season. This fluctuation in player skills provides a realistic feel to the game, as you will find yourself depending on different players throughout the season depending on who is hot. I really enjoyed playing through each season and watching my team get better with each year. I haven’t won the cup yet, but trust me; it is going to happen.