NHL 2000 is one of the best sport games I've played and is virual hockey at its very best.

User Rating: 9.2 | NHL 2000 PC
NHL 2000 isnt just like any other hockey game, unlike the new NHL games (NHL 2004, NHL 2005 etc), NHL 2000 doesnt offer boring defence, it offers lots of goals, hits, and most importantly fun. NHL 2000 is one of the best hockey games ever made in my opinion. This game is extremilly fun, when you play NHL 2000 you get alot of goals, breakaways, fights, hilarous hits (like after the whistle has been blown he hammer a guy) and most importantly fun. This game has great gameplay and simply if you like hockey games for the PC then you have to atleast try out NHL 2000. The value for this game is great, you get tons of cool modes to play on with your favorite NHL team, and you get online play which console NHL games arent able to offer. My favorite feature is the create player feature, you can create pratically a whole team for yourself and have tons of fun. The sound in NHL 2000 isn't as good as it could've been. The commentating in NHL 2000 is just the same old people and they same the same thing year after year after year. And the game doesnt really have a soundtrack theres just menu music that you can listen to, but you'll probably wont be on the menu that often cause you'll be playing as your favorite team kicking your most hated teams butts off the ice. The graphics are pretty good in this game all of the players look pretty realistic although they do have square heads but that doesnt make NHL 2000 a bad game doesn it? After all said and done NHL 2000 is definatly worth the money and for people who have been looking for a great NHL game to play on the PC. Quit your looking because NHL 2000 is that game you have been waiting for.