VS league for Next Gen

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I figured since Next gen's don't have GMC, why not have some sort of competitive online league.

The way the league will work is as follows.

1. Player's Sign up and get put into randomizer to draft for teams.

2. Once teams are selected, Each team will play at least once a week.

3. Teams will earn points for winning the game, or taking an overtime loss.

- 2 points for winning game

- 1 point for losing in overtime

4. Once games are completed post results on the forum.

5. Points and league leaders will be tracked through a ranking system.

6. Once season is over ( number of games per season will be based on how many teams) top teams will goto playoffs.

If everything works the way it should, it will be a pretty smooth system. Anyway, if your interested in signing up the link is. http://w11.zetaboards.com/NHL_15_League/index/ and don't mind the weak banner at the top it's going to better soon.