NHL 14 Fighting System

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Okay, so I purchased the Season Ticket thingy and got the game early. I've only played EASHL and Be a Pro, so I don't have experience from all the game modes yet, but... The new fighting system/engine (whatever it's called) really, really, REALLY sucks. Especially against AI teams. I'm normally not one to complain a lot (at least on a forum, or any sort of public way) but this time, I just have to. Like I said, I've played the Be a Pro mode. And it's just ridiculous! Six games in, I've been in 19(!!!) fights. NINETEEN. And not once have I initiated it by pressing Y (or triangle, for you PlayStation users) or any other way. It's the new "oh, you hit my player, well I must fight you know"- system. By my estimate, EVERY THIRD hit I land leads to a fight. Now, you might think I hit too much, or have the fighting adjustment bar too high. Nope. I try to AVOID hitting as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to land a bomb on someone and it shouldn't always lead to a fight. And the fighting bar is at the half-way mark, because that's the lowest it can go, without turning fights off. I just wanted to get the information out there, in case someone is wondering. Or even if not. Whatever. - EA rules! Ps. I'm from Finland, so if my English isn't perfect, please forgive me Pps. I don't really care what you think about my grammar, you don't really have to forgive me
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I knid of know what you mean. I just tried the demo tonight, and as you might know they only let you play one period. I played 3 of these periods and I had 4 fights as a result of a big hit.


After #3 I was like "Oh boy, this is gonna get old REAL fast.


Plus, I don't "feel" anything in the punches, it's like punching pillows. It doesn't feel like you're hitting someone in the face. Anyway, as far as the actual fights go, I can say it's an improvement over the previous games. But the number of fights is really annoying.