first time player for nhl franchise and i cant score at all help!!!

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im playing the demo in free skate and i just cant scor im trying all ways but the golie just blocks them, i really need help i love the game eveything about it just cant score

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Good rule of thumb is to think about it like real hockey (obviously there's some things that are easier in the game); Get the goalie moving side to side; try to pick the corner, shoot across the goalie. during main games take lots of shots and hope for rebounds. The players have great accuracy when you learn to use the physics to your advantage. And always remember, the goalie moves much slower than the player and the puck. Come in at angles, deke to a side, when the goalie moves pulls the puck back and shoot - if you're fast he'll be out of position. Deking works the same way. Just keep at it.