Annoying bug

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I was wondering if I am alone with this problem. I will give a long description to make everything clear. Any help is welcome

I have started a new "Pro" (Live the Life) and I started in the junior ranks (Quebec Ramparts). After the first season, I was drafted by the Flyers and I started the Pre-Season games. After 3 games with something like 10 points, I got the message that my place in the roster was guaranteed.

So I simulated the last pre-season games just to make it faster and then I had the message that I was being sent back to the Ramparts...??? So, I reloaded my game and decided to play all the pre-season games. When I wanted to play the last one, the game crashed (froze). So I had to reboot my PS3 and reload the autosave. After that, I wanted to create a new save in case I lose my autosave. Surprisingly, when the game was done saving and I was sent back to the calendar screen, the calendar I was seeing was now the one of the Ramparts...??? So, I simulated one day just to see.. and then I received the message, again, that I was being sent to the junior ranks.

So, I tried different things but I always kept being sent to the juniors. So I decided to simulate the whole season (that makes it my second season in the juniors).

When I finally reached the second season, pre-season games of the Flyers, EVERYTHING HAPPENED THE EXACT SAME WAY

-Sent back to the juniors if I simulate the pre-season games after being told my spot is guaranteed

- Game freezes at the last pre-season game

- Seeing the Ramparts calendar when I am suppose to still be playing the Flyers pre-season games.

- Etc.

What the hell is that?!?

I am considering starting a new pro and deleting that one... but seriously it took me quite some time to finish the first junior season and all. This is a serious waste of time....