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I feel so let down with the 94 anniversary mode, it's not even funny. With NHL.com pumping out cool retro NHL 94 videos including live replays using NHL 94 sound effects and sounds, you'd expect the same from this new retro game mode.

Nope. No 94 sound effects, weak soundtrack that doesn't sound anything like 94's. Plain and simple, I'm not getting a retro vibe at all from this.

Now if they had actually given us the actual NHL 94 game intact, but with today's teams and rosters, that would have blown me away. And it wouldn't have been hard at all to do, I bet. Maybe make it widescreen and smooth it out a tiny bit.

Oh well, I played 94 anniversary mode once in the demo, and immediately thought, "Well what was the point of this?" I don't see myself playing this mode more than once.

(Please note: I have not played the Sega version of 94, so I have no idea if that's how the soundtrack sounded on the Genesis. If it is, I take that part back.)

(Please note again, I still play NHL 94 on an emulator on my laptop when away on business, and still love it :P )

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Can you use the 94 controls throughout the game? Or just anniversary mode?
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I don't have the game yet, but I assume you can, since I think we could set 94 controls in the last few games. I could be mistaken. Someone who has the game should be able to answer that.

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I played it once... In the demo. Probably won't play it again. I have no idea why they through that mode in, it adds nothing to the game in my opinion.