AI gameplay in HUT mode is completely unbalanced

User Rating: 1 | NHL 13 X360
This game is totally broken if you want to play in HUT mode offline. Minor league skaters so OP that it makes the game unplayable - if they so much as sneeze in my direction, I cough the puck up and their 71 rated goalie will literally stand on his head to stop anything but a few glitched shots. Switching players mid-play super aggravating, as it will give you some defenseman off screen and not the loitering forward 10 feet from the loose puck. Hit the pass button and it will go towards some random guy way on the other side of your intended target.

Total scam to get you to buy extra packs from their store and those never live up to their hype "20+ rare and high-rated cards"? I got an 85 and two 83s, rest all crap. That is the norm, not a one off.

EA needs to fix this game soon or risk the death of this franchise, many on their forums feel the same way.