NHL 13...Curious about Game Play

User Rating: 8.5 | NHL 13 PS3
I'm kind of curious about these hockey games. Does it have an online multi-player, that's something I really look for in a game. Second thing I usually look at when I buy a game is the campaign modes the game has. I'd like to have played the previous games in the series but I can't think that the earlier games in the series have anything new, just older players and worse graphics and controls. If it has something like a put together your own dream team for hockey and play games against other peoples dream teams online for points and cash. What would be cool with the campaign is to have a character start out in the pee wee leagues, then go to the High School Leagues, College League and eventually go through try-outs for your favorite NHL Team, like the Pittsburgh Penguins!!! Then they should come out with expansion packs for these games each year with Olympic games and Super Bowls and Stanley Cup's. They would all have extra missions and equipment and trophies for your PSN Profile.