[XBL] Season 2 of the League-Sports Hockey League! 6v5 League

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Hey guys time is winding down until the start of League-Sports very own 6v6 Hockey League as a lot of people know there are many other league's being made but this one is very unique, we have a lot of customized features and are willing to listen to anyone's recommendations for great new additions, below i will list what we have and give more of an explanation. New Scouting Featurehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfO9JMwTgQU the youtube link is a video with the feature and more information so i'll give a brief summary. League-Sports requires every rookie to the league to scout with atleast 3 people, GMs, Owners, or Board of Directors. when you get you're 3 your player dashboard will show you've scouted the scouting is for management to get a better look at you to be noticed and to verify you are active in the site to be put on the draft list, if you don't scout you won't be drafted simple as that. Player Dashboardhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuetgTfxgi8 the top video will show you the player dashboard and the scouting features and the tools you'll have throughout the season pretty self explanatory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGURH8Mthng this video goes also in depth with your player dashboard but for availability, and scheduling etc. each player is required to post your availability before the games start each week there will be a deadline but your owner will be giving you it more than likely. Free Agency System! after a long thought filled off season we have came up with a free agency system allowing players who are considered Veterans to choose which team they play for in a free agency period for more information on it head on over to the forums and read up! Game Times Sun: 9 & 10 pm est Mon: 10 & 11 pm est Tue: 10 & 11 pm est Wed: 9 & 10 pm est thanks for your time everyone, if you're interested please check out www.league-sports.com