Looking to join a GM Connected League.

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Hi I'm looking to join an active GM Connected League on Xbox. Looking for a club that allows at least 3 players per team. My Gamertag is - Poop Snowcone - Thanks
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I actually just started a new one. Here's the link to the thread, buddy. It's only 1 player per club though. Your GT is hilarious btw. http://www.gamespot.com/nhl-13/forum/new-nhl-13-gm-connected-xbox-360-29365242/?msg_id=339853333#339853333
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I have a fairly new GM League for the Xbox called:H A M HOCKEY. There are 15 teams. Be very active. Those who aren't will be removed. The Commisioner is cbjm36.
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I requested as Ducks to H A M hockey. if u can accept it quickly, that would be great. looking to play some good hockey.