Great New League: NAHL GM League - Spots available

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I am seeking active and mature individuals looking to participate in an organized GM League. If you are interested in joining my ID is Morgs383. Communication between league members will occur via a proboards forum and a chatzy group chat. To Join: GM Connected search for NAHL GM League, select a team and send a join request. The League forum can be found here: League Rules: - Initial rosters will be selected Randomly - Simming will occur over two week scheduling periods with advances occurring every 2-3 days - Players are not allowed to trade with computer run teams - All players must reside in North America (this is to help reduce in-game lag, cater to player availability and avoid communication barriers) - All players must maintain activity and are urged to make it publicly known to the group if they will be away for extended periods (beyond one week). Any consistently inactive players will be removed - Players must complete games vs. their human opponents. No quitting on your opponent during a game under any circumstance unless agreed to by your opponent. Any issues must be brought to the attention of the League Admin. It is understood that there can be situations where players are kicked off of the servers etc. But if this is a recurring problem then you will be removed as this league promotes reliable, mature gaming. - All players must have a DNF vs. Comp. rating of under 10%. If it is over you will get one warning before being banned. - This means that you are expected to complete your games vs. the computer teams and not exit and replay in an attempt to receive a desired result - It is expected that all players have a high-speed internet connection as lagging may result in removal. It is understood that there are times when the servers can be busy, however consistent lagging will result in expulsion. - It is recommended that players list their general game playing availability on the league forum or chatzy group. All players are asked to become forum and chat members to keep in touch with other GMs - Any issues or suggestions can be brought up to the league admin or on the league forum Hope that you enjoy the league and look forward to your participation. - Morgs383
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It's a PS3 League