GM Connect League looking for 2 more users

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New Gm Connect league 19 users so far. Users only allowed to play users and users only allowed to trade with users. Waiting for 30 users for first advancement that way all users start with 0-0-0 record and current NHL Roster once joined can start games with other users and start trading with other users. When we have 30 users will advance league every Wed and Sun at 11:59pm est allowing people enough time to play games and be active. Rules are NHL based 5 min periods. As Commissioner my goal is to provide a fun organized active league with lots of competition and excitement. Also just because I am Commissioner does not mean I call all the shots I plan on just being the guy in charge of advancing the schedule. League issues will be brought up to all and voted on by all GM's This way everyone gets a fair oppurtunity. I am always open to suggestions and feel like my 29 other user GM's and I will all work together to provide a fun well organized Gm Connect league. Thanks Commissioner Andrew Simpson Gamertag- SimpsonanDREW87 League Name: NHL ELITE 2 Teams Available 1. NYR 0-0-0 2. PHI 0-1-0