Dropped to second line in Be a Pro?

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Hello, I have been playing through my first season in Be a Pro mode in the WHL as a sniper. I'm currently leading the league in goals (63), shots (400+), and second in assists (50). I got bored playing through and just wanted to get drafted so I have been simulating the last 20 games. In the simulations I was still getting at least 1 or 2 PPG but with 5 games left in the season I got a message saying I haven't been living up to their expectations and they bumped me down to the second line. The game before I had 2 goals and 1 assist and my team won 6-2, but I got the message after we lost the next game 6-2. Does anyone have a possible explanation for me? If need be I have a save file from a couple games back that I can play on possibly reversing this.

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it is because you are expected to actully play the game in order to draft higher. a quick cheat to get around it is to sim the game until the third period, score quick point and acheive A+ rating. you can finish an entire season in just a couple hours doing this but it ruins the aspect of playing and you will not develop as a player to the extent you could had you played the game.if you are playing on rookie or pro difficulty your attributes are meaningless anyway.