Being the goalie in NHL 13

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Ok.. first off, I'm a big fan of the NHL series, but still decided to pass on 12 due to the lack of innovation. I loved to be the goalie in past games and I think I was pretty good (in the top 100 online back in 11).

Now, I started a be a pro goalie but I keep getting crushed to a point it's not even funny (avg of 8 goals per game..) A bit better online but still. Problem is, I can't even put the finger on what the problem is.. Yes, the goalie "freeze" sometime after the first save which make an easy rebound shot goal, but most of the time, I'm pretty sure I'm covering the angles right and doing good side to side movement as well and the cpu still can score...

Anyway, the point is not going on a rant, but rather to see if there's others goalies out there who noticed issues or having a hard time with NHL 13..

Good thing I like to D too..

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Ya Man I Having the same problems in fact these issues were in last years game as well but it seems that they didn't even bother to try and fix them. Instead they added more modes to take up space.
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I was just playing today, and here are constant problems.  There are so many goals scored that you just can't do anything about it.  Rebounds, because the defense AI still isn't smart enough, opponents can sit in front of the net and smack in rebounds with ease.  The same thing with One Timers, there are too many times when the opponents are just hanging around in front of the net and Def does nothing.  Shots are really accurate and really fast, even with the sliders altered for no accuracy, no power, and goalie has max reaction speed, what should be weak shots, are often scoring goals.  Today, I let in most of the shots from the blue line.  They would hit a magic spot in the corner that I as goalie couldn't save, even when I was far or near from the net.  The CPU goalie is playing like Hasek, even though his over all rating is really poor, and I am playing like a drunk pirate.  Finally, the skaters get those shots off with ease.  If you watch actual players, they have to stop the shot, let it settle, and then they shoot.  In the game, they zip a powerful shot off with no settling the puck and no windup.  The mechanics of the game just don't allow for human players to be goalie.