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Who finds the default game speed ridiculously slow? As long as I can remember NHL EA games have been stupid slow (i've been playing for a solid 9 years). The game speed has always been garbage, but now since they introduced the new skating engine (which I personally love), I've found the default game speed to be unplayable. For one of the fastest sports in the world its feels way too f****ing slow. The stick handling is too slow. Its not a jumbo jet its a hockey player, so lets kick the game speed up. Anybody that likes to play with the game speed maxed out and the hitting to the max, add IRA4Ever9. If not have fun playing a half a**ed experience. Might as well play FIFA. NHL game speed is a joke. *My opinions. I played semi-pro, I think i'm qualified to say what slow hockey is. Play game speed and hitting power up, or die. That is all.