sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick new features, but still too easy to cheat !

User Rating: 9 | NHL 11 X360
i think this game deserved 9/10, it is not perfect but pretty close to, well that game as better graphics, new dekes with the pucks, broken stick, better hits, better music, more hockey league such as canadien junior league, ....
but the greatest things about it, is the physics of the play, the re-design every players moves, so it look so much more realistic when the players control the puck or skating

this game is so fun, every hockey fans should by it right away, its a must own. the only bad thing is playing online, there way to many people who cheat by doing goal which no goalkeeper are able to save ! that really have to change.

so about, nhl 11, just buy it if you like gaming & hockey, cause that's the s***t !! peace