if youre a casual player and already have 09, might not be worth it...for the hardcores, BUY!

User Rating: 8 | NHL 10 PS3
if you find yourself not playing NHL too often, and you already own 09, you might not find this game worth the money. for a hardcore player, like myself, it has a bunch of updates to stop a lot of annoyances, and a decent few new features.

the board-play slows the game down to a more realistic pace (and makes forechecking a real possibility), and makes it feel less like an arcade game (COUGH2k). the updates and new moves to goalie mode actually makes it playable (but why you STILL can't do a split move is really aggravating). you have to unlock different equipment for your BAP by doing various things, mostly within BAP. i have mixed feelings on this one. sure its a nice motivator to unlock stuff, but the unlocked equipment lacks customization (more-so with the goalie pad color schemes), which i always loved about BAP. new passing system, which can be toggled on and off, is a great little update. no more CPU guessing who you want the puck to go to, the puck goes wherever you tell it (bank passes!).

i have yet to try online. cheap goals still exist (although most of them have been nerfed due to very tough defense AI), and I'm sure they will be exploited non-stop online. unfortunately that goes for every game, so if you can live with it, online BAP is a fantastic game mode for the hardcore players.

in general, the game feels much more solid and the extra little moves like board play and pump fake shots adds a ton of depth to the realism and strategy.