Keep you stick on the ice! Nhl 09 brings some great new moves to the wonderful game of hockey making defence better.

User Rating: 7.5 | NHL 09 X360
NHL 09 introduces an couple new moves the the wonderful game of hockey such as the stick lift. Now for all the people out there who have been playing NHL games for a few years now probably won't get to experience the stick lift because of the control differences. There is the classic and the default controls and for all the year to year hockey fans the classic is most likely what you will be playing with. Which is unfortunate because you have to play with the default in order for you to use the stick lift. Which basically means the only way you get to see the stick lift move is when people are hacking away at your stick when your trying to enter the zone. NHL is a fun game which is very addictive but it also brings a lot of anger to your life. Probably the worst thing ever is beating a person in shots, hits, TOA and ll the other stuff and losing because your goalie let in a fluke shot, I have experienced it way to many time where i think EA Sports forgot to put a little extra work to the tender aspect of the game.