Hockey translates well as a video game, and this is oh so fun.

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 09 X360
One of the better games out there, there is endless amounts of fun to be had playing this game. If its against a friend or doing the be a pro mode, its worth having to spend endless hours on. I enjoy having this game and would recommend the game to all sports fans. It has many features that are new in hockey and a great create your own player system that allows you to play in different positions and player types. I think the player creator is impressive and the games are just as fun when only one player, as opposed to an entire team. Gameplay is highly recommended as well by me. The hit stick and shot control is a great way to play hockey. It makes the player feel more involved in the game. It works as a perfect way to keep the game exciting shooting with the joystick. I also think that the game should be recommended for its two player. It is easy to pick up by people not familiar with hockey and easy to teach, yet requires skill and can be improved. All in all, the game is worth getting and should be picked up by anyone who enjoys sports and has some free time on their hands.