No online play, minimal improvements and 1/2 baked additions

User Rating: 1 | NHL 09 PC
Okay, there IS technically online play but you have to go to the EA forums to get people's IPs and do a direct connect. There is no lobby. There is no EA involvement and support. There isn't even a dedicated place for people in the forums to go to find each other. I remember this was great many years ago when online play was a new concept.....not so cool now......

There are gameplay improvements. It's more challenging. Yay. Until it's not once you get used to the AI tendencies because.....again no lobby.

Be a player is incomplete. You start with a low rating but on the first line in the NHL. That's it, no options. AHL is off the map. Graphics are basically the same. Skins and options the same.

There is absolutely no point in purchasing this. Either get a PS# or Xbox 360 or like myself, walk away from the's not even worth $10 used.