WHEW YEAH!!! EA you have created another sport game masterpeice yet once more.

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 08 PS3
I have made a decison if I by a sport game it has to be made by EA because NHL08 is easily the best sports game I have ever played! The computer is a challenge to beat if you cannot connect to the internet or only have 1 controller and managing a season is good fun and time consuming.

But the real winner in this game is the multiplayer both online and offline, It features up to 7 players offline and about 4 online per console, The great thing about this game is that it is easy to get a grip of by that i mean it doesn't have a steep learning curve so you can get right into the action straight away, so if your playing against someone who hasn't played it before don't always expect to smash them after your first game with them, The actual gameplay itself is very fast paced and consists of using team stratagies (and if your lucky, You'll be fluking half your goals) and also team planning before the game commences all of this creates an intense competitive atmosphere when playing against someone else, It can also get tense or even develope into frustration when playing against the console.

Apart from the brilliant gameplay the game includes all the authentic NHL teams and players of that year and it also includes a few European leagues the AHL and the International league.

The graphics are pretty good but they aren't extreme but you don't really pay attention to that when playing but the reall masterpeice here is the sound, Hearing the crowd roar in praise when the home team scores and booing the hell out of the away team is just one example of how well the sound features have been put together, The Commentary is very good and ive been playing this game for a year now and i'm still not tired of it and yes the commentary can get pretty funny sometimes!

All in all this is a very good game and people who don't by this one should definetly get at least one of it's series.