NHL 08, a hockey game anybody can enjoy.

User Rating: 8.5 | NHL 08 PS3
NHL 08 is a really fun game and fans of the NHL series will love it.

Gameplay: Passing, Shooting, Skill Moves, it all makes the game a good one. The new features make it even better.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing, it looks like real life, mainly because its on the PS3.

Main Feature: The main feature of NHL 08 for the PS3 is the added practise mode. You can practise rush plays with up to 4 atackers against the goalie. You can also practise powerplays, skating, and even shooting.

Well, NHL 08 is an awesome and adiccting game, so if your into hockey games, GET THIS!! I also want to say that this game has awesome multiplayer. So if you have any friends who like hockey too, play multiplayer with them. Up to 7 people can play multiplayer. So grab a couple of friends and play the game with them. Thats all I need to say about NHL 08 , so see ya.