Best Hockey Game Thus Far

User Rating: 9 | NHL 08 X360
The controls are very simple yet highly effective. The game play is more along the lines of a simulation rather than an arcade. Very diverse game modes with a solid season/dynasty option for a superb offline experience. A great "Create-A-Player" option. However, there are some problems when it comes to "Goalie Mode" and it can prove to be disastrous when playing in a close game. Other than this, its a very solid effort from EA to take this series into another level. Its definitely better than NHL 2K8 just because the changes that EA had made from last year's version is not that dramatic and returning players to this series will find it most useful to know that its still very similar to what they've experienced last year with NHL 07. I would highly recommend this game to returning players of this series as well as those who have never played this game. Its definitely something that you might want to consider getting or even renting.