As far as my opinion is concerned, this is the worst hockey experience I have ever had!!!

User Rating: 4.8 | NHL 06 PS2
In the last few year, I have lead to go to 2K hockey games but with the new rules, I believed the 2006 edition might be a good bet. But, I was wrong, this game does not hold out on the others.

First of all, the controls are very wacky as far as I am concerned. The new deking mode does not advantage you in any way and I barely can hit people because of the new controls. The speed boost limit is also very annoying as the boost was not present in the other games when you over-used your lines Second, this game looks like a re-make of other hockey games. Also, this game does not stand out much also in the fact that we are talking about the lockout year. I am not very fond of the idea of having a partially what could be made up roster!

Third, I believe there is a colision bug in this game. I feel that sometimes, the goaltenders are beaten easily for no reason, like if somebody was holding him of making the save. This can get very frustrating as most of the time, the computer scores five goals in a row after I score a goal!!

Fourth, and this one comes up every year, there is not enough new content in the game to satisfy a hockey fan like me. The only new thing I have seen is the Free Skate mode but it is only fun when you are with other people. Apart from that, it seems like the whole game is just a copy of last year's game.

But, the game still has strong points. For example, the graphics look fantastic! The replays are unbelievable and they make you feel like in real life. The create-a-skater mode is good but it still lacks some details. Also, putting Nhl 1994 in the game is a great add-on and it was a lot of fun to play this old game another time.

In Conclusion, this game might look amazing but its low on new content. The game makes me feel like if they took elements out of Nhl 04 and Nhl 05 and put that on the market.