Fun at first, but when you notice the bugs it lets you down.

User Rating: 7.8 | NHL 06 GC
NHL 06' is a good game. Yes, it makes 2 years it's been sitting on the crowned disc slot for my GCN. My most treasured game. And yet, it disapoints. But I still enjoy spending hours playing it.


-Overall value, since it is pretty addictive.
-The skill stick
-The ability to, if you are extremely skilled, come back from a 10-2 defecit with 5 minutes left in the 3rd, to win 11-10. :P

THE BAD -In Dynasty mode, it does not keep the stats of your players for the next year of the Dynasty.
-Certain aspects of the gameplay (let me get to this).
-Bugs ex: >When you stickhandle near a defender's legs, your player's stick will often go THROUGH them, making the replay look ugly. >When you make your player skate fast into the attacking zone, the defensemen will not adapt to the speed of your player and your will have an open route. * If you take a shot on the open route it will go conturn the goaler and once again result in an ugly goal. Thats how i scored 9 goals in 5 minutes and won the game :D

If you want good goals just don't use the speed burst at all and don't use any unfair moves that make the goalie bite and lie down. Try using as much as possible wrist shots and one-timers.