NFL Tour seriously disappointed me. It's way too easy and the Ai sucks.

User Rating: 5.5 | NFL Tour X360
NFL Tour is supposed to be like the new and improved version of NFL Street but I didn't see anything new or improved. The gameplay is broken, the AI sucks, and this game is way too arcadey for me. Every new feature that this game has too offer sucks. For example, the new tour passing scheme, you might as well go to settings and change it to classic because the only thing the tour scheme does is confuse. The one thing I always look forward to in Street games is the Gamebreaker and this game even fails to make that enjoyable. If you know whats good for you don't pick this up. This so called successor to the NFL Street franchise is a huge disappointment. I hope EA Sports BIG comes out with a game to redeem this failure.

The ONLY reason I even gave this game a 5.5 is because it's a football game and football is my fave sport.