fun with friends good break from madden

User Rating: 8.5 | NFL Tour X360
i thinkt hat this game is a realy fun and fast paced nfl game. it lies in the middle of madden series and blitz the league. the only downside to this game is the stadiums there is a lack of stadiums i think there is 13 in total. but the gameplay is realy fun with reversals and wall hurdles make the game realy enjoyable.the true fun of this game though is the 2 mini games crash and dash and a 1v1 type of situaition. the crash and dash you can have up to 4 human players and another 4 cpu players which is very fun if freinds are round.the single player TOUR is fun at first but gets a little bit repetitive at times some fun games all about defence i think this games is for people who are lookingfor a break from madden but dont want something as hardcore as blitz. if u are not sure to buy it i would rent it first