Well its not as good as NFL Street but its a start.

User Rating: 6 | NFL Tour PS3
NFL tour is a game somewhat like NFL street but it has a new tour mode and a reversal systom. The tour is a game mode where you travel across the country and going to different cities to play different teams with different twists to the game like the first one to 24 points wins or a game where you can only throw the ball and instead of first and ten it is first and 30. Another new thing is the reversal moves which makes braking tackels look easy by just pressing a button but it should be made harder so someone doesnt brake 11 tackels in a row. One of the bad parts of this game is the announcing by Trey Wingo, I like Trey Wingo but his jokes about repetitive video game announcers are not funny at all. One more bad about this game are the fields, they all look the same and the fields should look a little different from each other. NFl Tour is a decent start to what could be a new football game franchise but you should skip this game or at least rent it.