NFL Tour (PS3) do yourself a favor: SAVE $40 and leave this game where it belongs- untouched on the store shelves!!!!!!!

User Rating: 2 | NFL Tour PS3
NFL Tour (PS3) you are a piece of $*** I am a San Diego Charger fan and to see Shawn Merriman on the cover is what brought the game to my attention. Not to mention the fact that the cashier said "oh yeah, its the last one" well, it was only $40 bucks and it is football. At first I thought hey this is going to be pretty good. NFL Street is a good series so how could I lose? PLENTY! as soon as I had to THROW-OFF the ball I knew I was in trouble. This game lacks attitude (NO FUN LEAGUE) the controls were so-so and the uninspired settings where the games take place really ticked me off. You go from same stadium to same stadium. The announcing was H O R R I B L E! thank goodness you can turn it off. I can honestly say I did have high hopes for this game but, the minute I started playing I KNEW it was a rush job. I really hope ALOT is fixed before another comes out but, I can honestly say I ll wait until the reviews come out next time before I purchase.