Second Rate Replacement for NFL Street

User Rating: 6 | NFL Tour X360
NFL Tour is supposed to be the replacement for NFL Street but doesn't quite live up to the Street legacy.

Good- Fast paced action, fairly decent graphics, fairly good load times, extremely simple controls, and a short field just like Street (great for this game but for something like Madden, it would suck). Pretty diverse plays.

Bad- First and foremost the commentators are very annoying. It's kind of difficult to make big plays with a run play the defense usually shuts you down before you can get too far. Defense is kind of pointless, If you don't shut down the QB or RB before they get too far they'll make HUGE plays. And of course the lack of game modes really takes away from the replay value.

Bottom Line- Great fast paced arcade-ish football game. Not quite as good as Street. Could definitely use more game modes.