NFL Tour YES or NO !!!!

User Rating: 6.5 | NFL Tour PS3
ok if u like smash em up nfl streets style football this is your game. I think it is much better than blitz or streets the hits r great and the the reversals the game is only 40$ so you should know that ur not buying a game with alot of etras. create you own player mode is fun and online its a blast with ur buds s i say if u like football and a fast paced no rules style football with cray latterals this is you game if not look for another game. Overall i would give it a 6.5 fun but some people might gt bored of the game fairly quickly but overall its a fun game to play with your friends or online if u get the game thinking it will suck like i did you will be pleaseantly surprised oh yea anyone who is ookin to get time shift that is the worst game i have ever played alon with lair gundam warriors and that horrible sonic game thanks