Bring Back NFL Street.

User Rating: 3 | NFL Tour X360
You know, I was hoping for a new age NFL Street. Something throw back from the Xbox brought to astounding life with the engine of the 306. Boy was NFL Tour a big let down. Remember NFL Street? It was great, you could make your old neighborhood friend into a team and smash on the NFL Stars. It was great! NFL Tour, you almost ZERO customizing options. There's no "Show-boating", no trash talk. All of the things that EA should have put into the game were not there at all. Shame on you EA Big for releasing the travesty of a game to your 360 players. This game, if it can be called one, is shallow at best. It plays like the days of Blitz gone by, but easier! Where's the challenge? Where's the stat improving skill drills? The gear, the customizations? Oh and here's a good one, how about a different field to play on! I was bored seeing the same field over and over again only with different paint schemes. NFL Tour is worth renting if every other good football game is out in my opinion. Voices are weak, the commentary is could be left out. It's funny once guys, after that it's just annoying. To wrap this up, leave NFL Tour on the shelf and demand NFL Street instead.