NFL Tour (PS3) is a HORRIBLE game and gives the NFL a bad name. Avoid at all costs!

User Rating: 1 | NFL Tour PS3
I shop at Gamestop quite often and it came as a suprise to see NFL Tour (had no idea it was out at the time) with Shawne Merriman (I'm a San Diego Charger fan!) on the cover! I have not read a review but, it was given a promising preview in the pages of EGM and it was only $40.00 so I thought this is a must buy. How wrong could I have been?

Very wrong. The game is a broken mess! it does play like an arcade game but, I thought NFL Blitz (ANY) played much better than this trash. I also want to know who's idea it was to have a "throw off" instead of a kickoff?! what the heck was that about?

The game in mind-numbing. You go through the same motions game after game with no interesting points, no storyline, hall of fame mode, no season. Something called a tour mode which is as bad as the announcing. It's just so repetitive!

The game is probably dirt cheap by now but, even if you do love NFL football like I do don't make the same mistake I made. I was expecting alot more from EA BIG and this game but, was really let down with this rush job. Whatever opportunity they had for a maybe another shot is GONE! they killed this series from the jump and those of you who liked NFL Street: stay with THOSE games because they're probably alot better than this piece of junk. Avoid at all costs regardless of how much it is!