NFL Tour what happened to NFL Street?

User Rating: 6 | NFL Tour PS3
If you're looking for the next gen NFL Street this isn't the game. I think EA was aiming at the very easy pick up and play type game than to make a game for the hardcore sports fanatic like myself. The game is pretty easy to play if you've played any of the previous madden games than you'll know the controls already.

The graphics in the game are not the best but there are not bad either. But if you're looking to showcase the PS3 potential you will not see it be displayed on this game. NFL Tour is not as fun as I hoped It would be and I wouldn't recommend it to someone that's looking for an arcade type of football game because is not here. If you're interested in buying this game and are expecting NFL Street I suggest you rent this game first before you purchase it. I was glad that I got it as a gift and I didn't pay $39.99 for this game.