Disgrace to EA BIG!!

User Rating: 2.5 | NFL Tour X360
Like a lot of people I downloaded the demo of NFL Tour and tried it before I bought it. Before I go any farther I have to say, EA BIG I am thoroughly disappointed. Graphics are mediocre at best, gameplay is boring, environments are pathetic. The only shining point is the soundtrack which must have been decided by somebody else because it is quite good. The new button system they have is terrible. On offense it is to easy, on defense to hard. The AI in the game can't stop the pass, or the run for that matter. The environment never changes always an arena football style stadium. The biggest difference that EA has cited between games is the type of game? What a load of BS. There is no difference, so you have to score more points in one game over another, or you have to get a defensive touchdown. That doesn't make the game fun.

While playing I just kept saying to myself, "Why didn' t they just bring back NFL Street?" What was the reason for ditching it, for this excuse of game? I would like the 50 cents in electricity that I used to download the game, back from EA. Spend your time on a better game like COD or Halo.