The game disc doubles as a beer coaster!

User Rating: 4 | NFL Tour PS3
Wow. I played this game for about ten minutes, and the first Arena Football game on PS2 had a better engine than this game does! They didn't put much imagination in this game at all. It's a good thing I didn't actually pay money to play this game. It's not even worth the $39.99 local strores are selling this game for.

The commentary, HORRIBLE! The only way they could have made it worse is if the substituted Trey Wingo with some oother jamoke like Keith Olberman from Countdown (to no ratings) on MSLSD. Wingo is just obnoxious and more repetitve than daytime television. EA would have been the wiser if they stayed with the NFL Street format. EA had a lot of sucsess with it. With a game like this getting bad scores from all sides, maybe now they'll go back to it.

When does baseball start? This game annoyed me.