For starters it is a decent game. Certain teams rankings is not what they say it is on offense nor defense. Update firm!

User Rating: 6 | NFL Tour PS3
Okay where to start game play is good. I am not sure why EA is having trouble making ps3 games in 1080. I am getting tired of the thing hard to program. The Ps3 has been out for two years now it is time to use the next gen console like it should be. I think it has a lot to do with whoever left Xbox to come to EA not wanting Ps3 to do well for Ea in my opinion. So the game is fair I think. They should added more plays to choose from, as well as more arenas that you play in depending on what city ur playing in change the structure on the arena design. I think most importantly they should have taken the top 14 players on a team and let you choose who u want to play! Overall the game play is okay worth $40.00 as sold not a $60.00 game because I know I would not have paid $60.00 after I played the demo. Just need to use next gen graphics looks like ps2/ graphics. I give EA Big a E for Effort.