great game to play with your friends

User Rating: 7.5 | NFL Tour X360
I don't know why no one liked NFL Tour I thought it was very fun especially when you are playing with your friends.

I think the gameplay in this game is very underrated. It is very easy but who said that was a bad thing? When you have friends over you can have a NFL Tour tournament and the games are only a couple of minutes long so it won't take too long like in Madden.

The graphics in this game are ok nothing special but they aren't disappointing.

The sounds in this game are absolutely horrible Trey Wingo is an ok announcer for about 15 minutes then he starts saying the same stuff over and over again and the worst thing is he actually says that video game announcers repeat themselves too much when I heard him say that my head almost exploded.

I definitely don't recommend buying this game wait a couple of years then it will be like five bucks in the bargain bin. I do however recommend renting it when your friends come over because you will have a blast playing together.