Ugh... how hard would it be to make a decent next-gen NFL Street... apparently harder than we thought.

User Rating: 3 | NFL Tour X360
What a load. Ive been playing this for a few hours now, and trying to find something positive about it. No such luck.

Sometimes, I need to get a simple game, a button masher, with not too much to do but some simple gameplay. Hence NFL Streets 1-3. They were great multiplayers and NBA Jam style football fun.

NFL Tour shouldnt been anything more than Street 4. Turns out it was much much less. Everything that made the Street series an arcade style football game was take out and replaced with...... well nothing.

The counter system for evading tackles is horrific because most of the time you end up counting yourself into the wall or running backwards.

Im about halfway through my Tour... and its a safe bet I wont make it to the "big time" any more than there will be a Tour 2.

even for 30 bucks dont waste your time.