improvements could have been made

User Rating: 8 | NFL Tour X360
This game overall is good its a great pick up and play game because you dont have to know a whole bunch of controls to play it and the game is actually fun. you get your money worth with this game its only 29.99 which is good for this game. i got this game after reading and listening to all that everyone has said about it and how its so bad making me stay away from it but just yesterday i rented it and just simply loved it. i was good with madden 08 but now that i play this game i dont even look at madden. this game the only improvements i ask for are graphics it and thats it if they improved that and the voice acting in this game it would be the best football game this year. One thing that is good about this game is its a fun multiplayer game for you and your friends and very competive but the normal game is easy you will beat the tour with ease and wish it was longer thats all i have to say about this game.